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In order to get the best possible mount it is important to take care of your trophy until you deliver it to the taxidermist. The better condition your taxidermist receives your Trophy the better your mount will be. Most of todays freezers are frost-free and therefore they are designed to immediately begin to draw moisture out of the feet, wings and heads of your trophy, creating problems for your Taxidermist. While these issues can be addressed, they can be prevented. If you have any questions please feel free to give me a call and we can talk about anything you may need to know to make your experience better.  By taking some time to learn or supervise the care of your trophy can make the differance in a mounts finished quality.



  • Do not cut fish in any way

  • Take pictures of your trophy, if your interested in a Reproduction take measurments, lenth is most important, Girth and if possible weight

  • Don't put the fish on a stringer, surface water tempertures are to warm,

  • Do your best to keep the fish from flopping around and losing scales and damaging fins.

  • Wrap the fish in a soaking wet towel and place in a plastic bag and freeze, if you are unable to freeze keep it in ice.

  • Do not wrap the fish in newspaper, the ink does transfer to the fish and is hard to remove.


Game heads and Mammals

  • DO NOT put a rope around your Trophy's neck and drag them out of the field, If you have no choice but to drag your Trophy tie the rope around the antlers.

  • Cut well behind the shoulders on big game, get as much armpit as you can.

  • Pull or carefully skin up to the jaw and freeze if you can.

  • Make sure your butcher knows your going to mount your trophy.

  • Bears should be skinned as soon as possible, especially if taken in the early spring.

  • Don't expose trophy to excessive heat.

  • For small mammals, leave whole put in a plastic bag and freeze.

  • Do not use newspaper.


  • Be aware of the feathers and don't crowd a trophy bird in your game bag.

  • Do not carry birds by their neck, this could cause feather loss, always carry trophies by their feet.

  • If the bird is still alive DO NOT RING IT'S NECK. Grab the bird behind the wings from the back and grasp firmly till it suffocates.

  • Blood is not normanly not a problem, neither is a shot bill.

  • Dogs are another consideration, they can create real problems. if you shoot a bird you think you want mounted, get the bird before your dog does.

  • Broken wings may or may not be a problem depending on the pose you would want. A badly shot wing will show in a flying pose but will not in a standing pose. Be open to discussing the best pose for the bird.

  • Tuck the head under one of the wings, put into a heavy duty freezer bag, try and squezze all air out of the bag and freeze. Double bagging is even better. Do not use paper bags or freezer wrap, these will allow freezer burn to set in faster.


Home Care of your Finished Mount

  • Keep your mount away from direct sunlightas the sunlight will fade the color over time
  • Keep your mount clean. We like to use a feather duster or a make-up brush and make sure you stroke in the direction of the fur or feathers and scales of Fish.
  • You can clean your eyes with a Q-tip with a little water
  • DO NOT use chemicals ( Pledge, Liquid cleaners, etc ) on your mounts.
  • DO NOT use a vacuum on your mount.


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